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WELL, this is a very big year for the Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association… OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY! Please keep open August 18th, 19th, and 20th for our 50th Anniversary Celebrations at the Gaelic College!  We are so fortunate to call the College our home!   One of the main reasons for our survival the last number of years is the dedication of our faithful members and our Board of Directors, past and present.  This has been a constant since many, many years.  


Congratulations to:  

Ward and Hailee MacDonald on the birth of a son, Spencer MacDonald

Howie MacDonald and family on the birth of a granddaughter/grandniece, Marie Anne Lindsay

Glen and Jan Vickers on the marriage of their daughter, Kay, to Tobias Kramer

Jacinta MacKinnon on the birth of her granddaughter Wynn Josie MacKinnon

Bessie Prosper on her 90th birthday

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to:

Mary MacNeil.  She is hoping to be on the mend soon.

Dan MacDonald.  He had quite a long stay in the hospital, but hopefully, he is recuperating.


Eddy Rodgers was truly a great director, teacher, fiddler and friend to many in the Association.  His humour was only matched by his patience with all the musicians.  He was a very practical voice in all our discussions at the Board Meetings.  

Dougie MacPhee was an actual walking fount of knowledge about Celtic music.  He was an accomplished pianist who performed all over the world bringing Cape Breton music to the forefront.  He was extremely well loved by many, many people, me included.

Jean MacNeil was a wonderfully talented pianist, stepdancer, singer, etc.!  She had a great sense of humour, and she was very appreciative of the culture surrounding her.  She instilled her love of music into her family from their early childhood.  She was a friend to many, me included.

Barry Fraser from East Lake Ainslie was a fiddler who attended many of the  practices and concerts over the years.

Pius MacIsaac was such a good friend to many of the musicians.  He often accompanied them at various concerts and musical events for several years.     

Laurne Fraser was a sincere gentleman with a big heart.  He and his wife faithfully brought his two sons to all our practices for several years.  He was in ill health for the last little while, but he was still at our festival in 2022.  It was so good to see him and Joanne at the concert.

Archie Thomas was a great singer, vocalist, and a fiddler who gave freely of his time for decades.  He passed his love of music and his talent along to his children.  He was a faithful member of the Association and came to the practices until he was no longer able to attend them.

I received this quote from Ivan Hicks, “We have all been blessed to have known our dear deceased and are thankful for their contribution to the world of music for the enjoyment of others.”

Fr. Francis Cameron was dearly loved and widely respected by our association.  He was a faithful member, along with his sister, Janet, since our inception.  He came to the practices and concerts as long as his health allowed him to do so, and he always had a big smile on his face for all members.  

Many lost close friends and family since our last issue in February, 2022.  Our sympathy goes to:

Danny, Mary Theresa, Kathleen and Malcolm Rodgers on the loss of a brother/husband/father, Eddy Rodgers

The Feisty Fiddlers on the loss of a close friend and instructor, Eddy Rodgers

Jacqueline MacDonald and her family on the loss of a brother/uncle, Doug MacPhee

Mario and Carol Colosimo and Brenda Stubbert on the loss of a great friend, Doug MacPhee

Columba MacNeil and all the Barra MacNeil’s and their families on the loss of a wife, mother,

grandmother, Jean MacNeil

The family of Barry Fraser on the loss of a family member

Ian and Breagh MacIsaac on the death of an uncle, Pius MacIsaac

Joanne, Robbie, Isaac Fraser and their families on the loss of a husband/father, Laurne Fraser

The Thomas Family of the loss of a father/grandfather, Archie Thomas

Bessie and Marilyn Prosper, Shawnee Paul on the death of a son/uncle, Raymond Prosper.

Lawrence and Jeanette Cameron on the loss of a brother/brother-in-law, Didace Cormier

Glen and Jan Vickers on the loss of a mother/mother-in-law, Rita Lunney.  Rita was from Scotland, but everytime she visited Cape Breton, she attended our practices.

The MacKay Family on the loss of a brother, Danny MacKay.  He could be found accompanying many fiddlers with his trusty spoons.

Isabel Hirlehey and her family on the death of her brother, Fr. Francis Cameron

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Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association, 70 Station Street, Dominion, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, B1G 1W2

The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association was established in 1973.

It promotes traditional Cape Breton style music through fiddle, guitar, piano, singers, step dancers, and lovers of Cape Breton Fiddle Music.

Dates for 2023 Practices

Sunday ~ March 5th

Sunday ~ May 7th

Sunday ~ June 4th

Thank you Ceilidh ~ September 10th

Christmas Overnighter ~ December 2nd & 3rd


Thank you to the many, many members who have paid their membership fees this year.  These fees help with the general operating costs and expenses.  For those who have not paid their dues, please consider doing so in the near future.