Tunes from Old Site

Belfast Linen Jig Set.pdf 
Belfast Linen Jig Set.mid 

Brenda At SW Margaree Set.pdf 
Brenda at SW Margaree Jig Set.mid 

Buddy MacMaster's Fancy Jig Set.MID 
Buddy MacMaster's Fancy Jig Set.pdf 

Charlie Hunter_Golden Rod Jig Set.MID 
Charlie Hunter_Golden Rod Jig Set.pdf 

Concert March_Miss Lyall_King's Reels.pdf 
Concert March_Miss Lyall_King's Reels.mid

Gay Gordons_Bell_Annivers_Set.pdf 
Gay Gordons_Bell_Annivers_Set.mid 

Huntington Castle_Mill of Newe[Set].pdf 
Huntington Castle_Mill of Newe[Set].MID 

In Memory Of Herbie MacLeod Set.pdf 
In Memory Of Herbie MacLeod Set.mid 

James Scott Skinner Set.pdf 
James Scott Skinner Set.mid 

Juanita's Jig Set.mid 
Juanita's Jig Set.pdf 

MacKenzie Hay Set.pdf 
Mackenzie Hay Set.mid 

Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc_Lucy Campbell.mid 
Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc_Lucy Campbell.pdf 

Memories of Father Charles MacDonald Set.pdf 
Memories of Father Charles MacDonald Set.mid


Nortel (The Black Hoe) Jig Set.pdf 
Nortel (The Black Hoe) Jig Set.MID 

Over The Cabot Trail Jig Set.mid 
Over The Cabot Trail Jig Set.pdf 

Races at Carrich Jig Set.mid 
Races at Carrich Jig Set.pdf 

Space Available Set.pdf 
Space Available Set.mid 

Teviot Bridge Jig Set.mid 
Teviot Bridge Jig Set.pdf 

Tracey's March Set.pdf 
Tracy's MS&R Medley Set.MID 

Winston At Glenville Jig Set.pdf 
Winston At Glenville Jig Set.mid 

bonnie lass of fisherrow-laybourns hornpipe 2015.pdf 

gaygordons_bellpiano set 2012.mid 
gaygordons_bellpiano set 2012.pdf 

john maccolls - the lions den.pdf 

kay gerrior-compliments to dr ben boucher.pdf 

killicrankie - welcome to your feet again 2015.pdf 





tunes for 2012 festival.pdf

2018 Tunes from Director Dara:

Grand Etang - Bog An Lochan

John McColls Farewell-Elmer Briands Favorite-The Holland Wedding-Jock Wilson

Mabou Jig - Capers - The Short Grass-Carrickfergus

Malcolm Finlays

Mrs J Forbes - Canada 150 - Tarbolton Lodge

Midlothian Pipe Band-Down the Tannoch - Swing Home-Humours of Glendart

Here's some tunes, courtesy of Music Director Eddie Rogers:

Antigonish Set

Belfast Linen

Bonnie Lass of Fisherrow-Laybourn's Hornpipe 2015

Brenda at SW Margaree Set

Bressay Sound-Humours of Glendart-The Battle of the Somme

Buddy MacMaster's Fancy

Cape Breton Fiddlers 40th Anniversary Jig - Kinnon Beaton

Cape Breton Fiddlers 40th Anniversary March - Leanne Aucoin

Golden Rod Set

Huntington Castle

In Memory of Herbie MacLeod

James Scott Skinner Set

Juanita's Jig

Mackenzie Hay Set

Mary Jessie Gillis

Riding on a Hand Car-Sodger Laddie-Dreamy Tennessee

Marquis Set 01 Marquis of Lorne Strathspey-Miss Stewart Strathspey-The Green Meadow Reel

Marquis Set 02 Mrs Kinlochs Reel-Dunphys Reel

Mrs. Douglas of Ednam - The Silver Bullet

Paddy Leblanc

Over The Cabot Trail Set

Teviot Bridge

The Black Hoe

The Cape Breton Fiddlers 40th anniversary March-The Haughs of Cromdale-Mabou Coal Mines-The St. Kilda Wedding-Dillon Brown-Robert Mafia MacDonald Reel

The Concert March

The Ironman-Riddie

The Races At Carrick

Winston at the Glenville Hall