There are a number of great reasons to hold a membership with the Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association.  Every membership helps to run the office on a yearly basis and to keep you informed about fiddle related activities.  

  • Membership advantages include:
  • Promotion of the music at home and internationally
  • Practice sessions with professional instructors
  • Email updates on activities of the Association including the annual concerts and the Celtic Colours concerts
  • Constant connections with fellow members
  • Access to new tunes and groups
  • Yearly Fiddlers’ Info
  • Option to participate in special ventures like the previous trips to Scotland, PEI, Ontario, Boston (at reduced costs) 

We are the only organization in the world mandated to promote Cape Breton Fiddle music. It’s a big responsibility and, working together, we will continue to be successful in this endeavor.


Registration fees constitute a large percentage of our revenue.  Please make an effort to fill in this form and send it to: 
Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association
70 Station Street
Dominion, NS
B1G 1W2

FEES:  ($25) within Canada, ($30) outside Canada.

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